I am Natalie VonRaven, acrylic painter and artisan hailing from Alberta, Canada.

I like to create - I am compelled to create, and do so with just about anything. Though I am, perhaps, best known for my hi-contrast paintings & characters. The bold, dramatic features and big gleaming eyes are a favorite style of mine which has been evolving since my youth. Faces with PERSONATALIE!

Traditional, hand painted art is my niche, though I enjoy the amazing array of effects and possibilities various mediums offer. (I dabble in just about everything) Exploring the versatility of each medium, often incorporating unconventional means to produce dynamic results is as fulfilling as the art itself.

Over the past several years (nearing a decade now) hundreds of paintings have oozed from the depths of my imagination and onto the canvas. Thanks to my stupendous, "ridiculously good-looking" family, friends, fans and supporters, most of these aforementioned objets d'art have made their way into homes and private collections across the globe. Over 300 paintings in 7 countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, USA and, of course, Canada!

I regularly attend local art events, markets & festivals where I "rough it, slum it and struggle against terrible odds" so my work can be shared with and procured by exceptional people - just like you!


Sheep River Health & Wellness - Group Exhibition - 2014-2016 (ongoing)
High River Hospital - Group Exhibition - 2016-2017 (ongoing)
High River Centennial Library - Solo Exhibition - Feb 2017
High River Santa Claus Parade & Craft Fair - December 2015-2016
Sunrise Village Christmas Market - November 2016
Light Up Okotoks Christmas Fair - November 2009-2016
High River Legion Christmas Bazaar - November 2014-2016
Blackie Holiday Market - November 2016
High River Art Society - Fall Art Market - October 2016
Evanescence Gallery - Group Exhibition - October 2016
River City Show & Shine Handmade Market - September 2016
Banner Project - September 2016
Art in the Park - Summer 2016
Handmade High River Market - July 2016
Diamonds In The Rough Festival - July 2016
High River Mural Unveiling - June 2016
Turner Valley Discovery Days - June 2015, 2016
 High River Art Society Library Exhibition - June 2016
 High River Art Society Spring Fine Art Show & Sale - May 2016
Nanton Spring Fling - April 2016
Winter of Artsy - Group Exhibition - December 2015
OAG Spirit of Christmas - Group Exhibition - November/December 2014, 2015
Sheep River Health & Wellness - Featured Artist - November 2015
International Balloon Art Fair - Group Exhibition - September 2015
White Raven Emporium - Group Exhibition - 2012-2015
Art on the Lawn - Group Exhibition - Summer 2015
High River Farmers Market - Summer 2012-2015
Artisans Christmas Market - Group Exhibition - December 2014
Nanton Christmas Market - November 2012-2014
Mountain View Arts Festival - September 2012-2014
Chilifest - August 2014
High River Artisans Market - July 2014
Nanton Farmers Market - Summer 2012-2014
Longstock - Group Exhibition - August 2012-2014
Hillhurst Sunnyside Holiday Gift Market - December 2013
Alberta Arts Days - Annual Group Exhibition - September 2009-2013
Awakened Healing Elements & Gifts - Group Exhibition - September 2013
High River Centennial Library - Solo Exhibition - April 2013
High River Christmas Fair - Group Exhibition - December 2008-2012
Turner Valley Arts Festival - August 2012-2013
Art in the park - Summer 2009-2012
Fine Arts Festival - June 2012
White Tiger Art Studio - Group Exhibition - March 2011-2012
The Quill - Group Exhibition - February 2011
Angry Beaver Art - Group Exhibition - August 2010-2011
High River Centennial Library - Solo Exhibition - October 2010
Colossis - Group Exhibition - 2010
High River Centennial Library - Solo Exhibition - May 2010
Studio Tour - Group Exhibition - May 2009
Oolong Tea House - Solo Exhibition - August 2009

A Few Random Things About Me:

*I love cherry Laffy Taffy... or any other junk food really =)
*One of my first words was "australopithecus"
*I like to juggle, spin poi and play the concertina
*I love perfume! (especially the sample perfume cuz it's free)
*I think people who don't understand sarcasm are awesome
 *I believe there is only one right way to replace the toilet paper roll: